Friday, January 13, 2012


I should probably introduce myself. I doubt anyone will ever read this but just in case someone stumbles across this you will know who I am.

My name is Virginia. I'm am a mommy to a 5 month old that for the sake of internet privacy I will call LittleDude. I live with my fiance (whom I will refer to as Dude) and I am in grad school to become a counselor. I love to knit even if I don't have much time anymore and ravelry is my social life. It is like the facebook for knitters. I love to cook and my kindle is like my drug. I am constantly reading. However, I spend way more money on books now than I used to.

I feel like there isn't a lot to tell about me. I sometimes struggle with the fact that I am a mom now as it was not something I had planned. We had a crazy (in a bad way) birth experience and a lot of other trials after that. I think it really affected my ability to bond with LittleDude even though he is a great baby and I love him to pieces. Eventually I will post my birth story.

Well, I guess that is all for now.

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